Lot of people are using social media app. Now a day’s social media has become a daily part of life. We have seen an exponential growth in the number of social media apps and its users. They are very addictive and are dominating the time of mobile users.

They let you connect with unknown people and let them know about what is happening in your life.

The parlor app is one of them. It lets you connect with different people around to globe and discuss with them on your favorite topic. There are lots of topics to discuss about. They have millions of user which can be your friend.

What is parlor?

Parlor is a social media app made for conversation with unknown people on the same topic. It let people having same topic connect with each other. This brings two people of same mid together ensuring a deeper conversation between them. Once you have a good conversation and become friends, then you can talk on daily basis and exchange images. It is also providing a platform for fans to connect with their idols and celebrities. Celebs talk to their fans. It is very simple app. And all age users are present.