The ouija board app allows people to have an Ouija board installed in their phone and access it wherever they want without having to carry the actual board everywhere. An Ouija board is referred to a board that provides the players access to communicate with the demons and spirits which are dead and evil. Even though many people believe all of it is just a lie, there are a handfull who enjoy the idea of getting in touch with a spirit and therefore, they take the game quite seriously.

Features of the application

Just like an ordinary Ouija board, the application includes numbers 0 to 9 and all the alphabets along with a yes, a no and a goodbye option. A player is required to hold the heart-shaped wood that’s referred to a planchette. These players call out to a spirit which tends to move the planchette across the board in order to communicate with the players.

The application’s preference

As mentioned earlier, players do not have to carry an actual board everywhere and can access the world of the dead through their smartphones. Bigger the device, more fun it is while playing the game