The goal of boosting featured apps is to get their specific app up on the most prominent list for the Google web search results. That is why the SEO copywriters who write for these apps must have a unique and creative way of boosting their applications. In essence, they must be able to create an advertisement that generates the kind of response that would boost the application’s popularity. To do this effectively, they need to use some of the techniques used by paid search placement.

The process for getting their apps into the top five or ten places is to set a general theme for the apps. For example, they could promote an app that has both medical and fun information. By finding common elements in different categories, one can get the app into the top five places. This way, the users that click on the top spots will see that the apps are relevant and offered through the apps by the company. Once the users see the apps, they will not only think about using the apps but will also think about what other tools they may need for the applications. This is how the application will be promoted and brought to the top of the list. The process works well because the advertisers will not have to invest so much money on a website that will draw few visitors.

Boosted apps are very popular with both the consumers and advertisers. The people that download the apps use the features that they need, such as weather forecast. People use these apps not only for entertainment but also for getting the latest news and watching videos. It is easy to go viral when the applications are well-marketed and useful. The more people that find the apps useful, the more people will be encouraged to spread the word about them.