Everyone using social media app know about emoji. They are the small images which is transferable digitally. They exist in the form of face expressions, common objects, places, animals, plants, weather, and signs. They make conversations easy by replacing the text message.

Also it conveys the feeling of sender. Emoji were just simple and accessible icons which convey simple feelings.

But now a group of developers build up emoji which convey sexy and flirting feelings. They are images of body parts and sexy images. There are many apps which gives the pleasure to adults of using sexy emoji app.

Why sexy emoji

Before this, adults were using the simple emoji which somewhat looks alike to some sexy images. For example eggplant, banana, pea are some of the emoji used. Emoji just assist in conveying the feelings and replaces text – based conversation. It also looks good to read and reader enjoys it. And with sexy emoji it will be more fun for adults.

They can say their word without literally typing anything. This also eliminates the possibility of any conflicts. But there is only one problem with this, and that is the use of these emoji by kids and teens. This is the biggest downside.