Social media was built to fills the gaps between people, to connect people. And is has performed its job beyond expectation. Social media has become the part of life. People use it from waking up to sleeping. People share about their day to day life and what’s going around the world.

Uses of social media

From revealing what’s valuable to them, to what’s the new trend in entertainment area. And the main intention to connect with different peoples around the world. All of the social media app supports the function of post, i.e. to put things where everyone can see. But not all of them support repost or popularly known as share. Snapchat is one of the app where this function is not present.

With the help of repost app for snapchat you would be able to do those things also. Social media has a great impact on society.

You can find people with same interests which you have and talk on the topics. The issue like environment, discrimination, politics and social issued get a platform and visibility throughout the world. It also helps business and consumers. You can post a review of a product or promote a company.