Minecraft towers are very popular. They help to keep your safe while you are playing, they offer a wealth of different styles to play with, and the feeling of accomplishment when you complete a tower is great. As you probably know, towers can be simple or complex, so choose which you would like to get.

When choosing, ensure that you get the right one for your tastes. Some may include rails, where you may need to stand on a pole or platform. There are towers with doors, some even come with flaps on the side to allow you to easily slide through.

Choose a model that is easy to use. If it is a door, make sure you can open it with just one button, and make sure that there is an indicator in the middle that tells you if the door is open or closed. Make sure there is a special spot on the door so that you can easily reach it without having to drop items into the way.

You can also find models that include special power or glowing features. Some come with TNT, which can be set off using one button, or with another button that will let you shoot lava. Sometimes, the exploding items will shower you as you run down a chute.

Make sure to choose a tower that allows you to move from one room to another quickly. Many come with flaps on the sides that can be slid up and down to open or close doors, and sometimes, a variety of other functions such as opening drawers, or placing blocks on the level you are at.

A couple of fun things you can do with your tower is fly up into the sky and fly around the tower. You can also set up turrets on the levels so you can shoot at enemies. If you are really lucky, some towers will even have keys to open special rooms!The most important thing is to choose a tower that suits your play style and allows you to play freely. Some offer parts that need to be used or broken, and you will not want to lose all your items, so be sure to consider your needs before buying the tower that will best suit your needs.