Visiting days to a doctor are tough, long and expensive. They charge you for services which don’t even require or deserve that much amount of payment. When it comes to eye doctors, every penny spent on it is totally worth it, except for people going to a doctor for pupillary distance test. It is simply the distance between your two pupils which is measured by keeping a millimeter ruler between your two eyes and keeping it just above the nose.

Pupillary distance is taken before the making of any spectacles for a person, they are the reason to determine the shape and alignment of one’s corrective lens which they are about to purchase.

People suggest an easy way to check correct PD is by taking a millimeter ruler and keeping it in front of your eyes slightly above the nose, use the help of the other person to check the distance between the two.

This was an easy and old way to do so, now there are mobile apps for this purpose too. There are many apps available in the app store under the searches of pupillary distance app and they are very accurate as well. You don’t even need the help of the other person.

People choosing mobile app over the convention ruler method is for many reasons:

  1. Mobile app is free from parallax error
  2. Don’t require the help of third party
  3. Easy to use
  4. Very handy
  5. Can be done anywhere anytime.