There are smarter ways of doing thing. People nowadays are more inclined towards working smarter than harder. It was said that you don’t have shortcuts to success, well it is a total different scenario now. One cannot find successes without using shortcuts, as everyone is ready to follow the crowd and work hard because finding common sense is not so common these days hence people depend upon technology for their every work, from booking tickets to finding ancestry, this medium can do anything.

People download apps these days to keep tracks of their forefathers and ancestry so that they can complete any ordinances which are left to be done, take my name app is one such app that contains all the information regarding one person family tree, their decent, number of family members in the ancestry, date of birth, death and many more services.

Before the advent of such technology people used to keep track of such information by writing it in diaries or through memories passed on through generations. But now since we have switching from joint family type to nuclear family, it is difficult to maintain that touch and all such detailed information. This app is solution to all such problems

Data sources for such applications

These apps gain their information from the temple or church registry and use it to create content for their app. Which mostly true and effective. These apps cater to masses and have heavy data files which are all authentic and correct. There are times when errors are caused but it’s just on in the millionth times.